Other services

Specialty panels

Do you need a customised panel with unique characteristics for continual or ad-hoc surveys to improve the service toward your customers? Then PanelClix would like to act as your partner! It is our goal to strengthen your competitive position. That is why we continuously develop and maintain specialty panels for our clients which are regularly used for surveys.

Continuous research among the same or new respondents
You can rely on PanelClix for the implementation of continual research with a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly frequency. Our panel management software can automatically send invitations (also on non-working days, including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) to new respondents who have not participated yet in the previous waves. The number of completed questionnaires is closely monitored and extra invitations can be sent, if necessary.

Tracking of (same) respondents

If you want the same consumers to participate in your research project for a longer period of time, you can benefit from the experience that PanelClix has in this field. It is essential that a high percentage of the participants takes part every day, week or month, in order to increase their involvement. Furthermore, we implement special techniques to ensure participants do not throw in the towel half way through.