Full-service support

Make use of the full-service support offered by PanelClix (sample-only plus programming and hosting of the web survey) and you are guaranteed a web survey that uses the latest techniques and functions. For a number of years PanelClix has been working together with Isiz, a company specialised in web survey software. Almost all offline questionnaires can be programmed with this self developed state-of-the-art web survey technology.
Make use of our full-service service and enjoy:

  • Standard functionalities such as rotating questions and answers, routing of answers, scripting with macro-variables, priority positioning of quota segments, progress bar, validation of input fields, ...
  • User-friendly response forms suitable for all types of browsers.
  • Option for the respondent to stop in the middle of the survey and fill in the rest later.
  • Extensive test functionality for tracking of routing faults and other defects.
  • Online surveys that are operational and live 24/7/365.
  • Surveys with your own company logo and house style.
  • Quick turnaround times from programming to delivery of the data set (up and running within 24 hours, average project duration of 5 working days).
  • Online real-time reporting via a password protected web page with frequency tables. Access to a process monitor with information about click behaviour, turnaround time per page, drop-out analysis and more.
  • Multimedia objects can be included in the web survey (audio clips, images, streaming video).
  • Delivery of the data set in any desired format (usually SPSS) and with the required coding (agreed upon before project start).
  • Complex programming with external data sources is possible.
  • Improvement of the data set using process variables (such as start and end times).
  • Improvement of the dataset with a data reliability index at respondent level (see Panel research).
  • Translation of your questionnaires in several languages.

Secure and reliable infrastructure

We are one of the few organisations in The Netherlands that have decided to use a physically separated infrastructure for the collection of fieldwork data on the one hand and panel management on the other. This was one of our promises to our members. By separating the fieldwork data from the personal details of members, an infrastructure is created in which:

  • The privacy of members is optimally protected.
  • Confidential fieldwork data are not archived but directly sent on to our clients. This makes improper use of data impossible.

All of our systems also have a double or triple back-up, which makes them very reliable and ensures you will not miss a single respondent taking part in your survey.