Our vision

Commitment of our panelists

The quality of our panel can make or break the quality of our fieldwork (i.e. data integrity, data representativeness, response). The commitment of our panelists is a key factor therein. We use various tools to increase our members' commitment. For example, we personally congratulate our members on their birthdays and they receive our best wishes and a personal message on Valentine’s day and public holidays. A relationship is also based on mutual trust. We therefore share everything we do openly and honestly with our members and we NEVER misuse their trust. The high security level of our systems as well as the separation of personal contact details and research data shows that we adopt stricter rules than those stipulated in the guidelines of Esomar, the world organisation for fieldwork. We do this because a good relationship with our members is not only essential for the continuity of PanelClix but also for the quality of our research data.

Market for online fieldwork
We expect that the market for online fieldwork will continue to increase. First of all, online fieldwork is cheaper and quicker than telephone interviewing or mail surveys. In some respects, the response and quality of online interviews is also better. Furthermore, we believe that it can be even cheaper, faster and better! That is why we continue to invest. Not only in the depth and breadth of our base, but also in the relationship with our individual members, our knowledge base, our infrastructure and the way we work. It is only by investing that we can further improve the services we can offer you, our client.

Focused on large panels

We also expect the willingness of consumers to participate in Online fieldwork and signing up for an online panel to further drop. This means that fieldwork will become more challenging and only a few major panel providers will remain. These panel administrators are capable of binding their panelists to them and are developing new alternative sampling methods in order to satisfy fieldworkers’ demand for trustworthy respondents. That is why we keep focused on providing a large panel in each individual country, and we invest in innovation, member recruitment and retention.

Quality of online data collection
The quality of online data collection and panel management will become more and more important. ISO certification, detecting and deleting fraudulent respondents by monitoring multiple registrations and inconsistent answers, identifying professional respondents, refusing long surveys and more of these measures will become more the norm than the exception. PanelClix wants to stay ahead of these developments by not only stating them but actually executing them.