Sample-only research

Sample-only research gives you access to a practically unlimited base of highly motivated members, whose in-depth profiles are known. You develop the questionnaire, program the online web survey and analyse the data yourself.
Make use of our sample-only service and enjoy:

  • 100% double opt-in respondents who are highly motivated and really want to participate in your research project.
  • In-depth profiles of the panel members, who keep these details up-to-date themselves and supplied their profiles to PanelClix because they wanted to be invited to participate in your research.
  • Very competitive rates as you only pay for returned completes.
  • Standard 5% extra completes absolutely free, to compensate for any questionnaires that turn out to be invalid during your analysis.
  • Unlimited possibilities regarding samples and stratifications.
  • Our flexibility to generate last-minute completes for difficult quotas, when the fieldwork has already started.

Representative sample

By using clever samples with high response rates we are able to bring highly complex research projects to a successful conclusion. Samples can be made fully representative for the online or offline population. We can also specifically approach difficult to reach target groups with low incidence rates (until 0.1%) and achieve a sufficiently large and representative group.

Profile characteristics

PanelClix sets up a team for every project. This team has a vast experience with questionnaires, samples, response optimisation and project management. Samples can be compiled based on specific profile characteristics. PanelClix has created different specialty panels for this purpose.