Quality of the panel

The quality of the panel can make or break the quality of the fieldwork. The commitment of the panel members is a key factor. Did you know that we personally congratulate our members on their birthdays and they receive our best wishes and personal attentions on Valentine’s day and public holidays? The relationship that we have with our members is essential to what we do. It is also interesting to know that only a very small percentage of our members end their membership within the first 6 months. Our panel is our most important asset. That is why, over the years, we have developed an extensive management programme to keep members involved. Here are a few of the components of this programme:

  • Updating member profiles on a periodic basis.
  • Daily and monthly deletion of inactive members, bounced email addresses and people who indicate they wish to unsubscribe, ensures that only the most committed members are invited to participate in fieldwork.
  • Periodic removal of members who have filled in “suspicious” questionnaires on two occasions, which ensures only serious members will be invited.
  • Continuous monitoring of the commitment of individual members.
  • Optimal rewards (not too high) for members who participate in research projects.
  • Internal anti-fraud procedures and check points to screen the integrity of new members.

The trust between PanelClix and its panelists is completely based on the fact that members know that PanelClix protects their privacy. We do not share any personal information of our members with third parties. Data can only be collected in a fully anonymous way. That is why PanelClix goes as far as using two completely physically separated infrastructures: one for the collection of data during fieldwork and one for the management of our panel database, which contains the contact details of panel members and the profile provided. The physical separation of the systems ensures that our members’ privacy is fully protected and that confidential fieldwork data are not used for any other purposes than those they were collected for.

Quality of individual respondents

The reliability of the respondents who complete the questionnaires can make or break the quality of online data collection. Usually, respondents who complete surveys without giving the questions proper consideration, do this on a structural basis. PanelClix has developed a programme to structurally and continually determine the quality of respondents. Our Survey Validator can determine the quality objectively, using an analysis of the responses given by participants, which is based on three factors:

  • Completion time. This is based on a comparison of the individual respondent's completion time and the average completion time of all respondents who completed the questionnaire.
  • Length of responses to open questions. This is based on a comparison of the length of responses to open questions provided by the individual respondent and the average length of responses to open questions provided by all respondents.
  • Recurrent response patterns. This consists of two parts: the percentage of grids (grouped questions) with the same responses and the percentage of questions in grids with identical responses compared to the number of questions in all grids.

PanelClix uses this reliability index on respondent level to place respondents who have provided unreliable responses on a grey list. All respondents with an index which falls into the lowest 3%, are automatically ‘greylisted’. If a respondent has been 'greylisted' twice in one year, the respondent is placed on the black list and will no longer be invited for online questionnaires by PanelClix. These are identified as ‘fraudulent respondents’. The Survey Validator has been developed by Isiz, web partner of PanelClix.

Profile individual respondents

PanelClix is one of the few panel providers who continuously monitor the quality of the questionnaires completed by respondents. PanelClix also identifies different types of respondents, by collecting the following profile details:

  • Types of surveys completed in the past 12 months
  • Number of surveys in the last week
  • Number of surveys in the last month
  • Date of last survey completed
  • Motivation to participate in fieldwork
  • Number of other panels joined

Based on these details, PanelClix can exclude "professional respondents" or compile samples according to the different types of respondents.

Quality of the organisation

PanelClix is a member of several organisations such as MOA, the fieldwork Association in the Netherlands, and Esomar, the world organisation for fieldwork. PanelClix complies with all the codes of conduct and quality procedures as stipulated by these organisations. In addition, PanelClix was among the first access panels that were allocated the ISO 26362 standard, an internationally applicable quality standard. Quality of data collection is essential. "Professional respondents" are identified and panel members who show inconsistent completion behaviour are deactivated. Questionnaires are checked beforehand and evaluated by respondents after completion. Drop-out causes and percentages as well as evaluation results are sent to fieldwork agencies and researchers.

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Quality Control