PanelClix has developed a respondent friendly and efficient system to anticipate to the changing market of online panels. Our router system enables our members to log in at any moment and to take part in a study at any time. Based on their socio-demographic data and their answers given to the screener questions they may qualify for one or more studies. Instead of sending out an invite for one survey, PanelClix sends out generic email as a catalyst for all studies to boost difficult target groups and to avoid router bias effects.

This method of data collection has further benefits in addition to efficiency and friendliness towards respondents. The routing system ensures that PanelClix can define, monitor and control the target groups; this enables us to guarantee different quotas and (representative) distributions.

Dedicated mailing

In case you can not or do not want to use our routing system, there is also the possibility to set up the fieldwork through dedicated mails. With this method, we approach the desired target group with a special invitation dedicated to your survey.

This method is also used for selecting a general population gross sample; invites will be sent according to representative baseline numbers (education, age, gender and region) according to market distributions, so that a representative distribution of the required target group will occur based on fall out.