ISO certification and quality

On the 10th of March of 2009, PanelClix was among the first access panels that were allocated the ISO 26362 standard, an internationally applicable quality standard. Quality of data collection is essential. Professional respondents are identified and panel members who show inconsistent completion behaviour are deactivated. Questionnaires are checked beforehand and evaluated by respondents after completion. Drop-out causes and percentages as well as evaluation results are sent to fieldwork agencies and researchers.

PanelClix applies new techniques to generate completed online surveys. Besides the traditional method (i.e. providing samples for specific studies), we also invite respondents to participate in research and only after they have answered a few selection questions, it will be determined which research study they qualify for. In addition, PanelClix has access to respondents who are willing to participate in Online fieldwork every now and then but do not wish to become panel members. Digital finger print technology is applied to deduplicate respondents.

PanelClix is a member of Esomar, the world organisation for fieldwork. PanelClix is an independent activity of EuroClix.

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