Recruiting of members

Members are recruited via text links, banners, email campaigns, mouth-to-mouth advertising, editorials and an extensive partner network. From the beginning we have applied multi-sourcing selection to recruit new members.

Diversity is essential for the composition of a panel. Specific recruitment campaigns have been developed for pensioners and foreigners. Structural cooperation with reputable web partners, comprehensively tested banner promotions and simple registration procedures are key factors for success and ensure a continuous influx of new high quality members.

Motivated members

Every new member consciously and unequivocally chooses to participate in online fieldwork. PanelClix was one of the first companies to introduce a double opt-in registration process. This means that every new member who registers via the website must also respond positively to the emails they are sent. In addition, members once again confirm that they really want to participate in your fieldwork study by providing their details and keeping their profile up to date.

PanelClix can approach the smallest of target groups, no matter how complex your research project. Furthermore, we are able to offer representative samples of the online as well as the offline population.