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PanelClix panels

PanelClix is active in the Netherlands and Belgium (Flanders and Wallonia). For more information about our international panel, please check our panelbook.

PanelClix is striving to build large panels in fewer countries rather than numerous small panels in a large number of countries.

Our online panel

The quality of our panel can make or break the quality of our fieldwork.

We have been actively building the largest, most diverse online panel for years now. Our respondents follow a double opt-in procedure whenever they sign up. We then strengthen the budding relationship with these new members through a clever retention programme, based on attention, trust and honesty.

Thanks to our panel’s size, combined with the extended member profiles, we are able to generate every required sample.

We offer our members the opportunity to provide their profile details, which will only be used to efficiently invite them for relevant surveys. By giving these details and keeping their profile up to date, members indicate they are willing to participate in your survey(s).

We follow specific procedures to track inconsistencies in completion behaviour. We will, for example, deactivate respondents who first claim to be male, then female, and then male again. We also de-duplicate our database according to specific features such as IP address and browser settings and keep track of "professional respondents".

Being ISO certified means an independent external party ensures we adhere to the guidelines stipulated in the ISO 26362, by using mystery panel members.