•  Large and diverse online panel

•  Comprehensive and up-to-date member profiles

•  Suitable for any desired sample

•  Active in the Netherlands and Belgium.



PanelClix enables you to reach enthusiastic respondents who really want to participate in your fieldwork. These respondents have signed up with PanelClix through various sources and can be selectively targetted (representative and/or stratified) based on the information they themselves provided to PanelClix. This enables us to deliver an optimal sample with a high response rate. You can create the online web survey yourself.

Programming and hosting

Send in your questionnaire and we will take care of the online web survey. We have a secure, fully separated infrastructure at our disposal to put your questionnaire online.

Other services

PanelClix offers you your own custom panel, complete with specific, essential characteristics. Continual research among new respondents or tracking of old respondents is also possible. With PanelClix, traditional research techniques can easily be applied to the Internet.
PanelClix online fieldwork offers you operational expertise, a modern and secure infrastructure and a large panel base consisting of highly involved respondents. This enables you to conduct high quality Online fieldwork. All offered at very competitive prices, without you needing to invest in a panel, technology and infrastructure.


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